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logos: (greek) word, reason

logo: a symbol that is used to identify

logic: a science that deals with the principles and criteria of a validity of inference and demonstration

Here it is, the title page of my site. Who am I? I am a growing record of ideas and sensations reflecting towards you, right now. What do I stand for and what is my intent? Both of those are determined outside of my point in time and space. This makes me a reflection of the point in time and space which you are now looking. I represent the reality of nature in precisely the place you are looking, right now, declared to you by your capacity to see it.

I am not the first, or the last, to express the things you will find written here. I am just presenting it to you with the extent possible via my place in time and space.

What is true and untrue, on this site, will change with increments in your travel through time and space.
Though, what is true will never change.

I will break this down a little more.

If you think about an apple, the thought is not the apple itself. If you read the word "apple", the word is also not the actual apple. But something is inferred. I am an icon or logo for what I am inferring. So if you attempt to get a value out of these writing based on only what I am, you will fail to get what I am pointing out.

You could say that since what I infer can be found anywhere, that there is no point in me inferring it. I couldn't agree more. But yet here it is, just like everything else is. Maybe everything is trying to infer something to you? But since that something can only equate to icons of the actual something being inferred, everything can only infer no-thing to you. Meaning that what is being inferred goes beyond symbols, icons, ideas, and words. This is because once you equate what is being inferred to an idea, it becomes a thing. And an icon can not be the actual thing it represents. It can only reflect it.

So if you find no point to this site's existence, yet view that other "things" do have a point; you are looking at the right point in time and space at exactly the right time and point of space, which is right now.